Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sky Girls at the Race Track

My fabulous friend Melissa Meow and I dressed in our Sky Girls dresses and hit the Lone Star Race Track for a Texas size adventure!

Melissa and I started off our Sunday afternoon by standing at the Lone Star Race Track gate to greet the race track attendees at they entered the venue. We were on a mission to find the best dressed person at the event and crown them King or Queen. That is when we spotted Jay. Jay was dressed in head to toe black and white caring a very stylish man bag, that we soon found out carried his trumpet and hidden top hat. Jay plays a very important role at the race track, he starts off every horse race by planing his trumpet tunes.

As the horse races began we headed down to the grounds were the jockey's saddle up their race horses. I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful bright colors that all the jockey's wore. I learned that these uniforms are referred to as silks usually the Jockey and horse wear matching silks. #12 was our pick to win the race. Why you ask? Because of the HOT PINK!

All in all it was a nice little adventure at the horse races!

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Anonymous said...

Cute dresses! I love them :)