Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sky Girls at Hot Rods & Heels

Hot Rods & Heels was the Largest pin-up event in this big o'l state of Texas! The show took place on Main Street in Deep Ellum on Saturday, May 16th. The show was filled with models, music, vintage cars and lots of Burlesque! Our Sky Girls line was available for sale, check out the photos by the Dallas Observer. Another very special item in our booth was our Ginger Valentine Burlesque starter kit. Stay tuned for more info and events with our all time favorite Ginger Valentine!

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Anonymous said...

Can someone get in touch with Tara Tonini for me? I ordered a dress and hat from her web site, my money went into her account 9/5/11, and I haven't received my order. I need it by tomorrow night. christinecoutu@sbcglobal.net