Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A very special headband

While vending at the LA Renegade I ran into Jamila Tazewell the Owner/ Designer of 11:11 enterprises. We first met at the Austin Maker Faire, where she purchased a white feather fascinator headband with a vintage blue embelishment from me. She shared a very special story with me about that headband.

"It was great seeing you again! Here is a picture of me in your gorgeous creation from my wedding day.... As I told you, your headpiece saved me! I am a real girly girl and so I never in a million years thought I would get married in sweatpants! They were white, but still....anyhow, we wanted to elope and we really didnt have much time at all to plan it, in secret, so I had to make do...wearing your feather creation made me feel truly special on that day. This pic I attached was taken on a walk we took in the woods that afternoon after we did it. It was a beautiful, very private time I will treasure forever. Thank you again for making beautiful things, and thank you for that gorgeous piece!!! I am so glad I met you at that show in Austin!"

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