Monday, January 12, 2009

"Recession will make us swing again"

The British postal service is dedicating a stamp to one of my favorite designers....Ms. Mary Quant. Quant is best known for the invention of the mini skirt in the swinging sixtys and her boutique, called Bazaar on Kings Road. Here is a little quote from the article. Read more from the Telegraph.

"I never intended to be outrageous. After all, I always wore tights. I had to have tights specially made because of the short skirts. They didn't exist then except for the theatre. Everyone wore stockings. So I got the theatrical manufacturers to make some for me and then I persuaded another manufacturer to set up. They were absolutely delighted because they sold fantastic quantities and, of course, it never stopped. Such fun."

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fuzzbuzz said...

I love quant, are they going to put her signature quant daisy on any stamps i wonder?