Monday, August 11, 2008

Giddy-up Pony's!

No doubt you’ve heard about the handmade movement that’s sweeping the country. The New York Times recently raved about the back-to-basics shift that many communities have embraced in the article Handmade 2.0. That progressive, independent spirit is catching on fast and strong right here in Dallas and you can find it at the Show Pony Show!

Presented by the Dallas Craft Mafia, a local set of women crafters and artisans each with their own distinctive business and style, the Show Pony Show assembles some of the best in local designers and crafters presenting shoppers a unique experience. A nod to the handmade movement sweeping the country, Show Pony offers a hyper local variety of high quality goods along with raffles benifiting La Reunion, pictures with the pony from noon-2pm and an opportunity to be involved in a free “progressive craft”, building on the hands-on approach handmade is all about.

The mission of this round-up is to wake up the public from their mass produced, mall induced coma with vibrant, classy, well-made, long-lasting, locally handmade products and the who, what when and where goes a little like this: Show Pony will prance out at the historical Continental Lofts on Sunday, August 17th from 11:00am to 7:00 p.m. featuring Harrilu, Superchica, Chromosapien, Enju, Tara to the T, Brokn Doll, Texas Tarts and many, many more..

Bring the entire family for a day of community-minded fun and shopping. Giddy-up, baby!

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